Help Shape Our Internet Future

Internet Australia is the not-for-profit organisation representing everyone who uses the Internet. Our mission – “Helping Shape Our Internet Future” – is to promote Internet developments for the benefit of the whole community, including business, educational, government and private Internet users.

Our Story

Global Context

The Internet has transformed our lives. This world of opportunity reflects all that we are as humans and enables us to explore and discover our full potential. Infinite possibility is a thing of greatness, but it demands experience, knowledge and care. The Internet Society is fundamental to this.

The Internet Society’s role in this context

We are a global movement that champions an open Internet for all. This is an Internet that offers hope, brings opportunity and celebrates humanity. Our work has never been more crucial. In a world where challenges such as censorship and surveillance are a reality, we break down barriers, drive inclusivity, promote open standards and connect the unconnected.

Fulfilling this Role

Our community is unique. Rooted in the origins of the Internet, we’re passionate about preserving the foundations on which it was built, and developing its full and boundless potential. We have the technical expertise, credibility and reach to make this happen. We influence, we listen, we ask the right questions, and we work with others to solve problems in the right way.

Enduring Purpose

We’re committed to an Internet for everyone everywhere; free from censorship and unnecessary regulation, an enabler of progress. An Internet that can build a business from a spark of an idea, educate the most remote communities, protect human rights and drive human, economic and social development.

Our Work

Internet Australia plays a vital role in internet development and governance. Some of the works we do are:

Facilitate Special Interest Groups

Internet Australia has a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These groups are open to all members and form an important role in the development of policies and advocacy strategies.

Current Groups:
  • Education
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Internet Security
  • IPv6
  • ISP (Data Retention Implementation)
  • Start-Ups
  • Knowledge Banking Industry
Tourist taking photo of a building
Windows of a building in Nuremberg, Germany

Policy Development

Internet Australia regularly provides submissions to parliament, government and industry bodies on a range of topics. Members are given regular opportunities to contribute to the policy development process, with the drafting of submissions being handled by the Policy Committee. 

Members who are interested in applying to join the Policy Committee should complete the contact form, including a summary of their experience, expertise and areas of interest.

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