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Founded in 1996, Internet Australia (Internet Society of Australia, ACN 076 406 801; also formerly known as 'ISOC-AU') is the not-for-profit peak organisation representing all Australian Internet users. We are a broad member-based organisation not an industry lobby group.

Our mission – “Helping Shape Our Internet Future” – is to promote positive Internet developments for the benefit of the whole community, including business, educational, government and private Internet users. Our directors and members hold significant roles in Internet-related organisations and enable us to provide high level policy and technical information to Internet user groups, governments and regulatory authorities.

As the Australian chapter of the global Internet Society, Internet Australia leverages the expertise of a truly global network of experts as well as providing an Australian perspective on global issues. At a global level, the Internet Society is a very active participant in many international forums for policy and regulation development, and is the administrative home for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF): the open community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers who create the protocols and standards that are fundamental to Internet operation.

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Internet Australia's objectives are:

  1. to provide broad-based representation of the Australian Internet community both nationally and internationally;
  2. to provide a service for the benefit of the community generally by enabling individuals, groups and organisations to use the Internet effectively for communication, collaboration, education, and innovation;
  3. to promote the availability of access to the Internet for all Australians, and to provide information, assistance, archives, and other relevant resources for Australian Internet users;
  4. to give expression to the viewpoint of Australian Internet users to business, industry, the government, the media, and society in general, by providing information and promoting education;
  5. to affiliate with other Australian Internet-focused organisations for co-ordination, collaboration and education in order to further the objectives of the Society;
  6. to examine, develop and disseminate the community's understanding of ethical and cooperative standards of usage of the Internet;
  7. to support, coordinate, develop and evolve effective standards of administration of systems and resources fundamental to the functioning and integrity of the Internet, such as addressing, naming, security and connectivity;
  8. to promote, facilitate and conduct research relating to the Internet and internetworking; and
  9. to develop and maintain formal and informal relationships with the international Internet community.

How is Internet Australia organised?

Internet Australia is a membership-based organisation.

Members become part of a friendly, informed network of people at all levels of Internet experience, though dedicated member-only email discussion lists, networking events and a range of Sub-Committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Members can contribute to policy development and submissions to government, parliament and industry bodies, and receive discounted entry to a range of conferences and events. All members of Internet Australia are also members of the global Internet Society, which offers a whole world of opportunities. Internet Australia members regularly attend regional and global events organised by the Internet Society, and are eligible for election to the Society's global Board of Trustees and other representative groups.

Individual Membership: is open to any person over 18 that supports Internet Australia's objectives. Concession pricing is available for students, pensioners and concession-card holders.

Organisational Membership: is open to any organisation that supports Internet Australia's objectives. Additional benefits of Organisation Membership include exposure on our website, cross-promotion of relevant events and the opportunity to take part in an Advisory Council. A range of Organisational Membership options are available to suit different budgets and organisation types.

Please see our Membership page for more information.

Directors: the Board comprises up to twelve Directors, drawn from the membership. One-third of the Board seats are subject to election at each Annual General Meeting, and any member may stand for election to the Board. Each year the Board elects four Directors to be Office Holders - President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer - who, together with the CEO, form the Executive Committee. Board and Executive Committee meetings are generally held via teleconference, and a very active email discussion list facilitates ongoing communications. Full-day, in-person strategy/planning meetings are also held on occasion, usually at least once every two years.


Internet Australia is actively involved in cooperation with industry and other groups including:

  • Promotion of IPv6 in Australia
  • Disability and the Internet projects
  • .au Domain Administration (auDA)
  • Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN)
  • ICANN, through the At-Large Advisory Committee
  • Internet Governance Forums: global, Asia-Pacific and Australian

Policy Development and Advice

Internet Australia has provided advice and submissions to government and industry bodies relating to:

  • Internet safety and security
  • Privacy legislation
  • National security debates
  • Internet content filtering
  • Domain name policies and services
  • ISP codes of practice
  • National broadband network
  • Communications and Broadcasting Acts
  • International treaty discussions

See Our Work for more details.


A new constitution was adopted at the 2015 AGM on 6th October 2015.

The previous and original constitution comprised the following:


The minutes of Board Meetings as well as minutes and other documentation for General Meetings are available below.

Our Policies

Internet Australia's organisational policies are as follows.

Our Story

Global Context

The Internet has transformed our lives. This world of opportunity reflects all that we are as humans and enables us to explore and discover our full potential. Infinite possibility is a thing of greatness, but it demands experience, knowledge and care. The Internet Society is fundamental to this.

The Internet Society’s role in this context

We are a global movement that champions an open Internet for all. This is an Internet that offers hope, brings opportunity and celebrates humanity. Our work has never been more crucial. In a world where challenges such as censorship and surveillance are a reality, we break down barriers, drive inclusivity, promote open standards and connect the unconnected.

Fulfilling this Role

Our community is unique. Rooted in the origins of the Internet, we’re passionate about preserving the foundations on which it was built, and developing its full and boundless potential. We have the technical expertise, credibility and reach to make this happen. We influence, we listen, we ask the right questions, and we work with others to solve problems in the right way.

Enduring Purpose

We’re committed to an Internet for everyone everywhere; free from censorship and unnecessary regulation, an enabler of progress. An Internet that can build a business from a spark of an idea, educate the most remote communities, protect human rights and drive human, economic and social development.

This is the Internet of opportunity.