Bronze Organisational Members*


eintellego logo eintellego Founded in 2003, eintellego provides specialised services to the Internet Service Provider market and since 2006 also to business who rely heavily on the internet. Our key expertise is in the areas of building and growing ISPs networks and their business with a full range of network engineering design and management services as well as business advice focusing on the internet industry. eintellego is investing significant resources in IPv6 technologies and training and other cutting edge technologies. eintellego provides time for its staff to be involved in the development of the internet industry in Australia, NZ and the Asia Pacific region. eintellego is actively involved in policy development as it pertains to our region specifically with regard to APNIC, ISOC and their initiatives.


Education Services Australia Logo Education Services Australia is a national ICT agency for education and training, owned by the Commonwealth and State and Territory education and training Ministers.The Agency has been established to enact agreements reached by these Ministers in the Ministerial Council for Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (MCEETYA). collaborates with numerous stakeholders in education and training communities working across the early childhood, schooling, vocational education and training, adult and community education, and university sectors. Our business is to develop and manage online services of benefit to the national education and training sector, through the use of collaborative processes to build collective knowledge networks to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the Internet and information economy. We add further value through forming strategic national and international alliances with a broad range of government sponsored organisations.


PPS Internet logo PPS Internet has been providing managed hosting services since 1996, having commenced trading in 1987. Our products focus on the needs of corporate clients and include Speak2IT™, Throo.To® and Semper.Net™. Our services are highly tailored to the individual needs and requirements of our clients, who benefit from a more personal and flexible relationship. PPS' long operational record demonstrates our commitment to both our clients and the internet industry.


*Whilst we welcome the much-needed financial assistance we receive from our Organisational Members we note that their support is a general acknowledgement of the value of our work and our role as a chapter of the global Internet Society, not necessarily an endorsement of each or all of our policies