Internet Australia congratulates the Internet Engineering Task Force on thirty years of essential work without which the Internet would not be what it is today.

The IETF is the principal body engaged in the development of Internet standards. The IETF does not “run” the Internet but, rather, relies on the voluntary recognition and adoption of its technical proposals internationally.

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Internet Australia welcomes the release of the Data Retention Grants Program. However, we are concerned that it has taken so long for this to occur. Our ISP members have had to incur considerable costs without knowing what, if any, compensation they might receive.

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Internet Australia, the peak body representing Internet users, has offered to assist the Federal Government’s Digital Transformation Office in the interest of eliminating the ‘Digital Divide’ between those with access to the Internet and those who are yet to be connected.

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“In his short time as our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has provided much needed encouragement to those of us who believe Australia can truly become a great innovation nation," said Internet Australia CEO Laurie Patton.

“Today’s Innovation Statement provides a comprehensive framework that will help our entrepreneurs now and in the future become world class. It confirms at the highest level of government the need for Australia to embrace an Internet driven digital future”.

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Internet Australia is proud to be an official chapter of the global Internet Society (ISOC). This graphic shows the breadth of ISOC's work at a time when the Internet is increasingly under threat from dubious regulatory intervention and, worst still, the actions of criminal and other antisocial forces.

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