Internet Australia, the peak body representing Internet users, has renewed calls on the Federal Government to review the Data Retention Act, which is due to come into effect from next Tuesday (13 October 2015).

CEO Laurie Patton said today that a statutory review of the Act, scheduled for three years after it is fully operational, should be brought forward so that problems are sorted out sooner rather than later. “We maintain that the process is so flawed that it should not be allowed to go unchecked for that long. We are talking about major security issues and significant costs that need to be dealt with now”.

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Internet Australia (formerly known as the Internet Society of Australia) is pleased to announce the
appointment of former senior public servant Keith Besgrove to its board of directors. Mr Besgrove
replaces long time board member Roger Clarke who retired at this year’s AGM held in Melbourne on
Tuesday (6 October 2015).
The AGM also approved a new Constitution, which is the latest in a number of significant changes
made over the past year.

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Internet Australia, the peak body representing Internet users, has supported industry calls for urgent clarification on government funding to cover the impending introduction of the Data Retention Act. The Act is due to apply from October 13th and yet the Attorney-General's Department has so far failed to provide its proposed guidelines for the distribution of financial compensation to Internet Service Providers required to comply with the Act.

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Internet Australia, the peak body representing Internet users, notes that responsibility for a number of policy areas affecting the Internet have moved to the Communications portfolio having previously been the responsibility of the Attorney-General. This includes oversight of copyright law.

"Internet Australia congratulates our new PM for showing signs of a more realistic approach to Internet legislation", said Internet Australia CEO Laurie Patton.

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Australia's peak body representing Internet users, Internet Australia, has called on new Communications Minister Senator the Hon Mitch Fifieldto move quickly and take bold actions to put Australia on track to be a key player in the emerging digitally enabled global economy.

"Australia is well placed to benefit from Internet-led innovation. However, without the right policy settings and the active support of government this cannot happen", commented Internet Australia CEO Laurie Patton. "Foremost in this regard is the need for fast, ubiquitous broadband. We have to make the Internet open, accessible and cost effective to use"

Internet Australia also welcomes the appointment of a Minister for Innovation.

"This is a commendable demonstration of the Turnbull Government's commitment to Australia joining the ranks of countries moving to the next stage of Internet driven industrial development".

"We look forward to meeting with Ministers Fifield Pyne and Assistant Minister for Innovation Wyatt Roy to seek their support for our proposed Digital Future Forum".



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