IPv6 Special Interest Group

The IPv6 Special Interest Group (IPv6-SIG) is the operational arm of IPv6 Forum Australia, the Australian chapter of the global IPv6 Forum. Both ISOC-AU and IPv6 Forum Australia have been drivers of local IPv6 development, having been engaged in international IPv6 discussions since 2000 in the IPv6 Forum and other Internet bodies with a focus on IPv6.

Over a period of time the IPv6-SIG conducted discussions with AGIMO and the Australian Government, resulting in the earliest comprehensive IPv6 transition plan for a national government, which has been copied around the world. ISOC-AU is a member of NICTIA (the National ICT Industry Alliance) and the IPv6-SIG helped clarify the organisation's 10-year strategic vision, in which the early adoption of IPv6 was identified as an issue that needs to be a government priority.

Some of the projects the IPv6-SIG has supported include the annual IPv6 Summits and the important Australian study IPv6 for e-Business, all fundamental steps forward in raising local awareness about the importance of IPv6. The Chair of the IPv6-SIG is Tony Hill [president(at)isoc-au.org.au], and the President of IPv6 Forum Australia is Michael Biber [mbiber(at)ipv6forum.org.au].

IPv6-SIG provides a mailing-list called IPv6tech, a forum for IPv6 technical issues in the Australian Internet environment. 

The SIG is subject to Internet Australia's  SIG policy.

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